Monday, May 3, 2010

Walker Family.

Awww. I.heart.thiscutefamily! Amy was so sweet and bid on one of my packages back in January when we were doing an auction to raise money for my sister's FIL who has breast cancer. I was so flattered by her kindness and GENEROSITY of her bid:) Well, they were finally in town {from the east coast!!!} for their oldest daughter's baptism and so we squoze in a day and got together. they were soooo sweet. All their names were easy for me to remember too which was helpful- A James, a Tyler, a Levi, a Emma and a Amy {i have three SIL's named amy a son named james, a brother named Tyler and his son Levi hahaha} oh, and did i mention that we are related??? Such a small world! Anyway, on to the goods. Thanks for the fun guys!

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  1. You take great pictures. They were fun to look through.

    Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway.
    Good luck! How fun that you bought yourself some things!!!