Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sweet Shaylee.

This little babers is one lucky lady. She is the sweet daughter of James' Preschool teacher {whom we absolutely adored!} They found out on monday that they had been chosen to be her adoptive parents and on wednesday recieved a phone call telling them to come meet their daughter. After 3 years of waiting to adopt, I can't even imagine what that phone call felt like! I was so flattered and excited when called and asked me to come take some pictures of that sweet wrinkly newborn skin. awwww, heaven.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Foremaster Family~ SP

I could write a novel about this family. We go wayyyyy back, okay so we're related! Meg and I grew up together and spent countless hours playing office and church at Aunt Donna's-where Meg was always first to give her talk {that went on for a good hour} and then I was next {and usually took a good 45 minutes} and by the time it was her sister Cal's turn, we were bored and moved on! hahaha {the times of our talks may be a "bit" exaggerated, but only a bit!} There are also the many, many stories of us chasing boys--her hubs included. We may or may not have given him a DOG one Valentines Day! We were the girls I DREAD as a mother of boys:) Hahaha, but seriously they have the cutest story and the cutest family. We had so much fun and they were up for whatever I asked them to do--walk through the manure, hike across a field, and a roadtrip. Thanks for the fun guys!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Woolf Family.

I Love this family! When they moved into our ward, Meg and I became instant friends. We kept trying to figure out how we knew each other, because it just felt like we'd known each other for forever. Well, now they are moving back to Utah:( I'm so happy for them and so sad for me. hahaha. We are going to miss them but will definetly stay in touch. After all James and Mattee are gettin' hitched one day-and no they have no say in the matter. Anyway here are a few pictures I got last week when we went out to play. We had so much fun, we are meeting up with them again at the same place--the ladybug breeding ground. Seriously, they are EVERYWHERE! Well, off to our picnic.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

garageboys11x14blog, originally uploaded by photobylynette.

When I heard that the canvaspeople were giving away a free canvas for Mother's Day, I knew I had to have one. So I took some shots of my favorite victims, er subjects and put this together. I then decided an 8x10 would not be big enough for motto-GO BIG OR GO HOME! So, instead of paying to upgrade to a bigger canvas AND super expensive shipping, I'm opting to go with my new love--the styrene print. So clean. Can't wait to get this baby and hang it on my wall to *swoon* over each and every day:)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Walker Family.

Awww. I.heart.thiscutefamily! Amy was so sweet and bid on one of my packages back in January when we were doing an auction to raise money for my sister's FIL who has breast cancer. I was so flattered by her kindness and GENEROSITY of her bid:) Well, they were finally in town {from the east coast!!!} for their oldest daughter's baptism and so we squoze in a day and got together. they were soooo sweet. All their names were easy for me to remember too which was helpful- A James, a Tyler, a Levi, a Emma and a Amy {i have three SIL's named amy a son named james, a brother named Tyler and his son Levi hahaha} oh, and did i mention that we are related??? Such a small world! Anyway, on to the goods. Thanks for the fun guys!