Friday, May 21, 2010

Foremaster Family~ SP

I could write a novel about this family. We go wayyyyy back, okay so we're related! Meg and I grew up together and spent countless hours playing office and church at Aunt Donna's-where Meg was always first to give her talk {that went on for a good hour} and then I was next {and usually took a good 45 minutes} and by the time it was her sister Cal's turn, we were bored and moved on! hahaha {the times of our talks may be a "bit" exaggerated, but only a bit!} There are also the many, many stories of us chasing boys--her hubs included. We may or may not have given him a DOG one Valentines Day! We were the girls I DREAD as a mother of boys:) Hahaha, but seriously they have the cutest story and the cutest family. We had so much fun and they were up for whatever I asked them to do--walk through the manure, hike across a field, and a roadtrip. Thanks for the fun guys!


  1. Love these! They turned out so great! Love the first one especially!

  2. OH my gosh I love them YAH!! They are so adorable!! I love them so much!!