Sunday, February 21, 2010

The "B" Family~ Sneak Peek

I was so excited when Kim was the winning bid from the "Help Garth" Auction. I have known her since she moved to Alamo from Ireland back in Jr. High! I have always loved the "Devine" girls. Kim is now married with 4 kids {not that you could tell she's ever had a baby-she looks FAB!!} This was such a fun, laid back shoot. The family has such great chemistry and you can tell they love spending time together. Here's a peek for ya Kim, I'm almost done with them all and will get them to you ASAP!!!


  1. Gorgeous family, Kim! It's great to see you all! Lynette, as always, BEAUTIFUL work!

  2. You guys all look so great Kim! And you're SO SKINNY! Good for you Kim..its hard work, I'm working on it myself...I'll be skinny soon! Pray that I don't give up and that God keeps pushing me along! Love you guys! Tammy