Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nicks Family~Sneak Peak.

Last weekend I had the privelage of shooting the Nicks family. Mom is a good friend of my sisters and is the TALENTED Scrappin' Daisies over at Brownie Scraps. I have loved her work for so long and was so excited to meet her and her family. I think she thought I was joking when I told her it was like meeting a celebrity for me, but it really was. She is amazing and her family...WOW. So sweet. Cutest kids on the planet and they were all SO well behaved. Calico Basin happened to be photographer central AND a wedding. So thanks guys for putting up with the craziness. Hope you likey:)


  1. Oh I am so excited to see the others! Jeff and I both love these!! You are awesome, Thank you for taking our pictures and being so patient with us :)

  2. That's my sister's family...I LOVE these pictures and can't wait to have them in my home. I wish that I lived in Vegas so that you could shoot my family. And I agree that my little sis is one amazing and talented woman! You did such a great job.