Thursday, April 8, 2010

{g} Family Sneak Peek

How cute is this family? I went to school with the son-in-law and was so excited when his super cute wife contacted to do pictures for her whole family. We could never get together over Christmas and had wait till Easter:) We headed up to the "old Thiriot Haunted House". This was a classic place we all went growing up to "scare" each other. There is a long, long, long walk up to a clearing where in a grove of trees stands a falling down old wood house where we imagined a rocking chair slowing creaking by itself, or the "indians" coming out from under the steps to chase us...oh the good ole days. Well, that place has since come to mean a whole to husbands grandfather lived there as a small boy. We have had family reunions up there and talked about all the "real" stories of the Thiriot Ranch. Anyway, pardon the whole tagent...i was thrilled when this was the plac they picked for pictures. Lots of great backdrops! Anyway, hope these were the wait and you likey!

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