Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time to pick a...

First off--thanks so much for all the comments! It was fun to see them come in. I do blush with the compliments though--just so ya know! No, but really, there is nothing better than hearing someone appreciate your work. This is all just for fun and a little sanity:) So, now on to what you are waiting to know...The winner was Anonymous!!! {There were a few of those so here's the comment}
Anonymous said...
Your pics are GREAT, & Jen Crossman ROCKS, she really deserves a fun photoshoot when her Dear Hubby gets home... Pick her... :)
So HEY ANON out there!! Send me an email or if you would like to donate it to the fabulous JENN CROSSMAN you are totally welcome to.
Speaking of Jenn...she was undeniably the winner of the 16x24 Styrene print! You rocked it girl! thanks for getting the word out to your many friends, who obviously love you!!
Well that was fun! I like giving stuff away! Till next time....


  1. YEA, I have NEVER won blog giveaways before.... how exciting.
    Yes, I would love my shoot to go to Jen, I am in Oregon & the logistics just don't work. :)

  2. Dang it! I was so hoping I would win - oh, well.