Tuesday, August 25, 2009

J's Family.

Last week, I had the privelage of taking some pictures for a cute little dad and his two kids. They were the most beautiful kids. Big brown eyes that just melt your heart. They were a little uncertain with me throughout the shoot and didn't speak any English, so it was more of a challenge to get some candid, natural shots. It was fun to see J interact with his kids that he only gets to see once in awhile. Here are a few of the shots for the evening.

Thanks for stopping by.

Spontaneous Shoot.

A little fun while driving through Rainbow Canyon. I thought these were perfect pictures to play around with some textures. I love the feel of them.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Adventure.

I have decided to go ahead and jump in with both feet to this. I owe my amazing sister, Ramona a HUGE ThANK YOU for her support and mostly all her help in setting up my site. She did a beautiful job. I am so excited to go down this road. I feel like I look at life as if I'm looking through the lens of my camera. Everything has a story, every moment is worth preserving. I am excited for the adventure that lies ahead for all that I have to learn and experience. Photographers are amazing people. As I have studied and "stalked" other photographers, I am absolutely amazed at thier consistent generosity and willingness to share everything for the benefit of others. They are the most helpful friendly people. I am so grateful to each one that I have gleened some knowledge from in one way or another.
Well, Here We Go.....