Friday, December 4, 2009

My Family.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we finally had a new Mason Family Picture taken. The last one was July of '06! James was just almost a year. Our family has GROWN since then. We have added 6 grandkids:) So, we knew it was well over due. Friday morning we gathered and had the best time. Usually family pictures are such a stressful thing. I was a little worried since I was kinda put in charge, but I can't even begin to describe how much fun we had. Everyone cooperated and I LOVE some of the shots we got. {especially for 19 kids 12 and under, 12 adults and a tripod} The background was perfect and so fallish! When we loaded up to leave, I seriously started to cry. I had so much love for each of my family members. There is nothing more precious in the world. We all have our differences, which makes it fun and exciting. So, even though it's not always expressed in words... I Love each of you! You are amazind and unique. I am so glad we have Eternity to spend together.
A couple of the WHOLE group!

The five siblings.

Siblings with Mom and Dad.

Bumpa and Nana with the kiddos. I love the personalities protrayed in this shot.

The girls.

My Mom and Dad.

While taking pictures of my parents, I learned that this was the spot my dad proposed there. Who know all these years later, what that one little question would have caused:)

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  1. The last one of your mom and dad is so good! They all turned out so cute - you are amazing!